The food of El Salvador is undoubtedly one of the essential elements that tourists enjoy the most during their vacations in this beautiful nation.

Salvadoran cuisine has an original style with glimpses of Spanish cuisine that originated during colonial times.

The food of El Salvador consists of native foods from groups such as the Lenca, Maya Poqomam, Maya Chortí, and Cacaopera cultures. The vast majority of them have provided delicious traditional Salvadoran dishes that have their origin in corn.

Food of El Salvador: Fried red mouth fish

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Marcos is one of the country’s traditional dishes, especially in the coastal area where the gastronomic culture is dominated by shells, shrimp cocktails, and fish ceviches.

One of the traditional ways to prepare red mouth fish is by placing them in a pan with onion and garlic before frying them in the batter. It is then served with a delicious serving of fresh steamed vegetables that can be done alongside white rice.

Pupusas, the gastronomic icon of the country

Another trendy dish of Salvadoran cuisine that you will not want to miss is the pupusa; although it sounds strange, it is a portion of very delicious food from El Salvador. This dish is prepared by mixing cheese,chicharron, beans, or a variety of seafood in a tortilla.

Currently, the iconic place to eat pupusas is Olocuilta, a small town about 20 minutes from the airport, and it is here that the pupusa festival is held every year.

The festival’s main attraction is the elaboration of a gigantic pupusa which holds the world record for being the largest pupusa in the world.


The famous casamiento is one of the traditional dishes of popular culture, this dish is made of fried beans and rice and can be prepared in various ways.

It is an accompaniment to solid foods such as roast meat or roast chicken; it is widely used to accompany breakfast and dinner of Salvadorans

Food of El Salvador in the United States

El Salvador’s food is so popular that it inspired many restaurants to open in New York City and San Francisco.

The popularity of this cuisine has transcended the borders of Europe and America; people from South American and African countries have been seen dining on authentic Salvadoran food.

Most people don’t know that the fame of Salvadoran food didn’t start with its visual appeal. While the food may seem unique, what sets it apart is its rich combination of flavors.

National pride symbol

There is no doubt that Salvadoran food is a symbol of pride for many Salvadorans; unlike other Latin American countries where street vendors sell food for a few dollars, in El Salvador, it is a whole culture.

In some areas, you can see several dozen pupusas sales full of people having dinner after the long working hours they do. You can read to Travelling to El Salvador

People who live in rural San Salvador, where traditional food is a way of life, bring their family and friends to their homes for a delicious and nutritious meal.

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