3 El Salvador food to enjoy

The El Salvador food is considered one of the most typical and delicious gastronomies in all of America; it is not for less than it is regarded as an option for the tourist who cannot stop enjoying it.

If you are travelling, you already realize that the El Salvador food can be enjoyed in a good restaurant near you or on the street, thanks to the hundreds of street food places in the country.

Most of the time, we find that each town on the weekend has a gastronomic festival where you can taste delicious food from El Salvador in a unique way. We invite you to learn more about the dishes that you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy during your trip to El Salvador.

We will talk about three typical dishes that you can find in every good restaurant near you on your trip or if you are more adventurous, try it on the street.

El Salvador food: The pupusas

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There is no trip to El Salvador that a tourist can do without enjoying the delicious pupusas. Pupusas are a world-famous gastronomic option. They are a kind of thick tortilla made of cornflour or rice flour filled with cheese, pork, beans or whatever you can imagine.

Salvadorans get quite ingenious when filling pupusas; today, there are shrimp, fish, mushrooms, jalapeño, cilantro, garlic and a growing variety of options.

The most popular is called Pupusa Loca, which combines all the ingredients in the filling that the menu can offer. It is considered the most interesting option for tourists today.

 Yuca with pork rinds

Another of the typical dishes of El Salvador that you cannot stop enjoying on your trip and that you can find every afternoon almost anywhere in the country is, without a doubt, Yuca con chicharrón.

Depending on your area, you can enjoy fried Yuca with chicharrón, snack or pepesca. The option of Yuca salcochado with pork rinds, snack pepesca and tanned.

If you are in the central area, the yucca is always sautéed and fried but the whole, while if you go to the western region, the option is pure sautéed type.

Whether fried or salted, the yucca is accompanied by sauce and tanning, traditionally served on a banana orchard leaf.

Gallina india

The gallina india is undoubtedly a more traditional dish in Salvadoran gastronomy; the concept of the gallina india indicates that the bird has not been fed with concentrate to gain weight but only with conventional foods from the field.

This more traditional diet gives it a more characteristic and delicious flavour compared to other birds fed with concentrate.

The gallina india is a dish served with rice and fresh salad, usually accompanied by a glass of soda or a soda and corn tortillas. If you want to know more about El Salvador, you have to read our blog about Map El Salvador.

The chicken also indicates how in bread and it is a tradition at Christmas time. Where Salvadorans prepare it with the traditional Christmas sauce that gives way to the famous December chicken bread.

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