Tourist in El Salvador 3 beautiful cities

If you are interested in being a tourist in El Salvador, there are many places you can go and enjoy. This small country is trendy worldwide because it offers tourists a beautiful tropical climate all year round.

The first time you come to El Salvador, you will probably want to visit the largest city in the country, San Salvador.

Tourist in El Salvador visiting San Salvador

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This city is fascinating for a tourist because it is full of new cultures and traditions and the center of a new generation of gourmet restaurants.

What I like about the capital because there are areas where tourists can find a good restaurant or a bar to enjoy with friends. La Multiplaza, which is a well-known shopping center, has several bars with good food and music.

You can visit the historic center of the city and get to know the Plaza Gerardo Barrios or the National Theater, beautiful places for the tourist in El Salvador who wants to enjoy their trip.

If you travel with children, you can visit Cuscatlán Park, a simply stunning home that incidentally houses the Tin Marín Children’s Museum.

Santa Ana

While you cannot miss Santa Ana, the third most populated city in El Salvador, with many beautiful places that you should visit during your stay in El Salvador.

This city has beautiful places such as the cathedral, Municipal Palace, and the Santa Ana theater that are iconic places for tourism in El Salvador.

Something interesting about the Santa Ana area is its great archaeological legacy, such as the Tazumal or Casa Blanca, unique places to meet the country’s first settlers.

Likewise, there is the possibility of visiting the volcano complex made up of the Santa Ana volcano and the Izalco volcano.

Tourist in El Salvador visiting San Miguel

San Miguel is a jewel in the east of this beautiful country with a hot climate but a unique culture and beautiful beaches.

A popular tourist destination in the country is San Miguel. It is located in the eastern area as we have already said, several mountains surround it.

Some rivers run through the area and offer a variety of water activities such as kayaking, rafting, and hiking.

This is also a good place for a holiday in nature, but the most important attractions are undoubtedly its beaches. An example of this is the famous El Cuco beach known worldwide for being a beautiful quiet beach that tourists enjoy.

On the other hand, Las Flores beach becomes one of the options for those who want to find accommodation and spend some beautiful days in front of the beach.

What’s so attractive about Las Flores?

One of the beautiful things about this gray sand beach is undoubtedly its quietness; even for the most active, it is possible to play beach soccer and volleyball in front of the beach or simply sunbathe.

The accommodation places in the area are lovely; I recommend you use platforms such as Airbnb or TripAdvisor to learn more about the accommodation and, incidentally, find a good hotel.

As you can see, there are so many tourist attractions in this beautiful country. Therefore, it is imperative that tourists can get a travel guide while they are in the country; we invite you to read more about flights to El Salvador in our article Flight Houston to El Salvador.

This will ensure that your stay is a pleasant one and that you can fully enjoy all the activities the country has to offer.

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