3 El Salvador hotels

El Salvador hotels are genuinely one of the best parts of sightseeing in this beautiful Central American country. You are going on a vacation in El Salvador, one of the top destinations to visit.

Known as the «Pearl of the Pacific,» this country is a gem hidden in the Central American jungle. Exploring this country will surely take you to a different world that will make your heart beat faster and your adrenaline flowing. Here are some of the highlights you can enjoy in this lovely destination.

The first stop on your vacation in El Salvador would be San Miguel. This city is a popular tourist spot because it has a World Heritage site.

This place can see the Lenca’s civilization remnants, ruins of a volcano, and the Chaparastique. Many tourists visit this place every day to have a glimpse of this beautiful sightseeing place.

El Salvador hotels in San Miguel

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El Salvador hotels in San Miguel provide the perfect lodging facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

If you want to experience a different type of culture, then you should stop by the indigenous village of San Miguel.

Here, you will get to know the history of this place and how it became what it is now. The El Salvador hotels offer you delicious local foods, and you can explore this place at your leisure. In the meantime, you can go shopping for souvenirs to take home to El Salvador.

  • Tropic Inn hotel
  • Hotel Florencia
  • Plaza Florencia

Santa Ana town

hotels in Santa AnaNext on your list of places to visit would be the town of Santa Ana. Famous for its historic buildings and for the beautiful landscapes that encompass the region, you can start your tour in Santa Ana and head straight for the old quarter.

There, you will be able to take pleasure in the sights and sounds of the people of this ancient community.

One of the best things about visiting Santa Ana is its natural beauty. It has many different natural attractions, including volcanic craters, jungles, forests, and waterfalls. Most of these can be found around Ahuachapán.

You will also find that El Salvador hotels are right next to some of the most beautiful spots and that you can take advantage of their amenities to enjoy them as much as possible.

El Salvador hotels in Santa Ana

  • Remfort hotel
  • Hostal Casa verde
  • Casa Vieja Guest House

Chalatenango town

While you are touring El Salvador, do not forget to check out its Pital park. This reserve is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, and you will find it here in Chalatenango.

Pital park offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy seeing jungle animals close. If you want to see something spectacular, do not miss the chance of visiting the wildlife reserve.

El Salvador hotels can help you arrange your trip to this park since most of them have trekking trails that you can follow. You can see to ElSalvador Hotel Beach.

El Salvador hotels in Chalatenango

  • Cabañas Vásquez
  • Hotel Árbol de paz

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