Travelling to El Salvador can be an unforgettable experience, this small country, officially the Republic of El Salvador, has a long and rich history.

It was one of the last nations to unite all of Central America, and its current borders are still very open to immigration.

Today, thanks to the peace process, El Salvador can welcome back many returning tourists from other countries, making this an enjoyable destination for travelers looking to travel to a country that is welcoming to visitors from every corner of the earth.

Travelling to El Salvador

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The country’s main cities are San Salvador and Santa Tecla. Each city provides a unique blend of cultural and tourist charm, with plenty of cultural tours and exhibits to explore.

Many travelling in El Salvador will start their trip in San Salvador, traveling up the eastern side towards the low center of the country. Here, you can visit the famous Mercado de artesanias, filled with stalls displaying everything from craft and furniture, jewelry to exquisite crystal. As well as visiting this market hall, there are plenty of other attractions in this city.

Just east of San Salvador is the beautiful town of Manzanillo. A visit to Joya de Ceren is recommended for anyone travelling in El Salvador.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the ancient Mayan ruins proving even more fascinating. There is the Santa Ana volcano which is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and more.

If you are travelling in El Salvador for just a day or two, it is worth seeing the sights of San Miguel; it is also home to the historic Catholic Church of San Miguel, which is open to visitors.

Along the coast of El Salvador is the delightful city of Santa Tecla

Traveling to El Salvador Here, the rich history and culture can be experienced along with the spectacular views of the coastline. A visit to the city can be very educational, especially if you learn some of the language (mainly Spanish) used in this country.

 It will also allow you to take a wander around the beautiful Historic Square, one of the oldest in all of Central America. In addition to the historic square, there are also museums Tecleño dedicated to the life of important personalities.

If you are travelling in El Salvador, you may wish to take a different route to avoid spending too much time in El Salvador.

Instead, consider taking a journey up the eastern coast of El Salvador, this is a route with much less concentration on tourist hotspots and far more history, culture, and nature to explore. It’s also quite an enjoyable route because it allows you to experience a more «American» part of Central America, experiencing a taste of the rich and varied cuisine of the region.

A budget travel itinerary for travelling to El Salvador

A budget travel itinerary for travelling to El Salvador – or any other Latin American country – would not be complete without at least a day trip to the country’s capital, San Salvador.

This is an excellent city for seeing all of the significant historical and cultural attractions. Here you can head to the cathedral at the center of San Salvador city (the prominent landmark in the city), the famed Cafe Latte, or even the National Museum. All three of these tourist spots are within walking distance of the international airport that services San Salvador and many other countries worldwide.

From San Salvador, it’s an easy journey up the eastern side of the country to the rainforests and national parks of the Central American highlands. You can see How to get flights to El Salvador cheap?

These national parks are worth visiting: El Imposible and the Pital, for example. If you have never been to El Salvador, then you will want to make this region a focus of your travels to Central America, as it has some of the most stunning scenery on the continent.

If you have been before, you will want to return: the scenery here is simply breathtaking and worth a second look.

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