If you are thinking of visiting this beautiful country, you have to have a map El Salvador at hand to learn more about the best places in this beautiful country.

Therefore we want to give you the options to know more about El Salvador thanks to our map El Salvador and listing the most interesting destinations that you can find in our beautiful country.

Please take into account that El Salvador is a small country that can be visited from start to finish in a few days, this gives it an advantage over other countries.

In the morning you can be in the highest part of the country in the Pital Chalatenango, and in the afternoon in a matter of hours, you can be surfing with your friends at El Tunco beach.

Where is El Salvador located?

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El Salvador is a small country with less than 8 million inhabitants located in Central America and is currently considered a unique destination for surfers and ecology lovers.

The Pacific Ocean borders El Salvador to the south, Guatemala to the west, and Honduras to the northeast.

Most important tourist cities and towns in Map El Salvador

  • San Ignacio
  • La Palma
  • Suchitoto
  • Apaneca
  • San Miguel
  • Nahuizalco
  • San Salvador
  • Santa Ana

Tourist centers of Map El Salvador

The tourist centers of El Salvador are one of the best options for the local tourist and, of course, the foreign tourist who wants to enjoy a familiar place with swimming pools, food and fun.

  • El Jicaro Water Park
  • Sihuatehuacán Water Park
  • Apulo
  • Los Chorros
  • Termos del Rio

el salvador map

Ecological parks of El Salvador

The eco-parks are other of the valuable tourist offers of the country, nowadays the ecological tourism every day is much more extensive and fuller of options for which a visit to our country is not complete without visiting an eco-park.

  • El Espino Ecopark
  • Bicentenario
  • El Boqueron
  • Plan de la laguna
  • Cerro verde

Beaches Map El Salvador

As you already know, if something has placed El Salvador on the map lately, it is the beaches, and it is that the coast of El Salvador is something unique that you cannot miss the opportunity to visit.

We invite you to learn about the Bitcoin Beach concept and see how our country is increasingly at the forefront of tourism every day.

  • La Libertad
  • El Tunco
  • Mizata
  • Las Flores
  • El Tamarindo
  • Sunzal

Weather in El Salvador

El Salvador is in a region suitable for tourism, it has a warm climate during the day, and at night, the weather becomes mild and pleasant.

If you are interested Tourist map of El Salvador, we invite you to read our article about it. This has earned it a pleasant destination for European and Asian tourists.

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